Set X-Country

It was touch and go as to whether the Set X-Country competition would take place as it was so windy. In the event it did and what fantastic races they were. The competition is split into three races – the As, Bs & Cs (U13, U11 & U9). With any sporting event at Lockers Park the pupils really try theit hardest, especially if they are competing for their Set (House). Not everyone is into X-Country – those who are raced ahead, overtaking our Gap student hares. Those who aren’t do the course in their own time. The course is set within our own extensive grounds so the race is very safe. The Cs do the circuit once, the Bs twice and the As three times. This gives a great opportunity to see who is doing well, who is chasing the leaders and it also allows the spectators to cheer on the runners, which they did – loudly. Very well done to Kit, winner of the Cs race, to Ethan J who came second and to Sam W who came third. In the Bs race Dylan S came first, Edward came second and Max came third. In the big race very well done to Harvey who led from the off and finished first. Toby was in second place all the way around and finished in that position. Lleyton did well coming in third, having chased down those in front of him. Many thanks to Mr Doyle for organising the event and to all those staff who helped run it.