Lockers Got Talent!

Lockers Got Talent was first run in 2009, so this is its 11th year running. Each year the audience is left bewildered at the range of talents on offer and there are always surprises. This year saw two Guinness World record attempts: the first was to throw a paper plane at a target (Sam didn’t come near to the record). The second was an attempt to break the ruler high jump record. We are not talking about Kings, Queens or even Prime Ministers – we are talking about 1m rulers. Hilarious! You can tell the impact our new computers is having – two presentations over the evening. Freddie was informative if rather gross as he explained which were the top three human parasites: bedbugs, tapeworm and candiru (look this one up). We had magicians who couldn’t perform magic, clowns who were not funny, footballers who couldn’t kick a ball, musicians who didn’t play and golfers who couldn’t hit a target. We had song and mime and we even had a guest judge straight from America -Englebert Humperdinck, who through the evening wondered what on earth the school was teaching its pupils. Thank you Louis. Of course there was some real talent on show. Well done to Anton, Joshua and Freddie who all made it to the final, especially Anton who was this year’s overall winner. Many thanks to Mr C. Phillips, Mr Shaw and our judges, Mrs Roberts, Mr Erskin-Naylor, Mr Doyle and Louis for making the evening possible.