Ski Trip

Sunday 31st March: Earlier in the week the rumour started to spread that there was no snow in Sauze d’Oulx, Italy. The ski trip looked like it might turn into a hiking trip. Luckily these rumours turned out to be unfounded and the Lockers Park party enjoyed their first morning on the snow. After a bite for lunch they headed back out onto the slopes. I’ll bet there will be some aching bodies tonight!

Monday 1st April: Another great day skiing and plenty of sun! The weather is due to change and we are expecting snow on Wednesday and Thursday. Boys are being great and we are all having a brilliant time.

Thursday 4th April: A fantastic few days skiing. Groups have been skiing in Sestriere and Sansicario with the boys loving the challenges of skiing in different areas.
We had a huge amount of snow fall overnight so skiing in powder was a real treat today and plenty of snow for the children to play in and build snowmen!
Tomorrow will be our last day of skiing with the children taking their ski tests with their instructors Romano and Matteo.

Saturday 6th April: The ski trip returns today, landing at Luton Airport this morning. Very many thanks to Mr & Mrs Wilson, Mr Phipps and Miss Hale for taking the ski trip. The pupils have had a wonderful experience.