New Life

One of the exciting things about the summer term is all the new life around us. You cannot fail to be impressed by the wisteria next to the Head Master’s study a fantastic display of flowers and a wonderful fragrance. Actually it is even more exciting than that, because hidden in the depths of the foliage are a blackbird and blue tit nest. Dotted around our grounds are various nest boxes, some of which are occupied, but we have a wealth of natural nest sites as well. The chiffchaffs have returned and can be heard calling near out pool, nesting in the shrubs that surround it. The nuthatches have returned to their nest next to the astro pitch and red kites seem interested in some of the trees along our drive. We are still waiting for our swifts to return from Africa – they should be here in the next two weeks. When we take the time to really look it is amazing what new life we can see.