Leavers Service

Today was a poignant day -the Leavers Service. Our Year 8 Leavers all participated in the Service and I hope listened to our guest speaker, the Reverend Michael Price, from Bloxham School. He had some very sound advice to our Leavers. Life is a journey but on the way we will get things wrong. He gave the example of Moses and Abraham, both great travellers. Abraham journeying into Egypt was scared that Pharoah would want his wife Sarah to be his wife. To stop being killed they pretended to be brother/sister. Pharoah did indeed take Sarah as a wife but was furious when he discovered she was married and threw them out of Egypt. The Moral: Don’t try and fool or deceive people. Be the person you are. Moses was also a great traveller but on his journey he got into trouble with God because he lost touch with him. His punishment was never to get to the Promised Land. Moral: Don’t lose sight of what you know to be right – your core values. If our Leavers stick to these principles they should do well at their new schools!