Any Questions?

The academic year’s first Public Speaking event took place shortly after exams with a panel of distinguished Year 8s answering questions as diverse as ever, from choosing a part of the body to lose (toes were popular!), unrequited love and private education. Highlights included some collective grief about the demise of breakfast waffles and listening to a certain Year 5’s amorous exploits at his last school. Our illustrious speakers consisted of: Alex who made some brave ‘against the grain’ remarks; Lleyton had the Centenary in stitches with his ready wit; Oliver spoke with passion and clarity; George had some extremely mature views on several issues; Olu showed sound consistency in all his answers; Roan impressed compassion and sensitivity and Sachin’s seering intellect and general knowledge was appreciated by all. However the winner, for his mixture of humour and seriousness and for being the boy that the audience instinctively listened to the most was Freddie. Well done, Freddie!