Monthly Archives: February 2020


On Wednesday 26th February the boys had their final hockey match of the term. A great end to the  season with both teams winning their matches against Beechwood Park.  

Pancake Day

Thank you to the catering department for the wonderful pancakes that all the children and staff enjoyed for dessert today. To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the children of the Pre-Prep took part in their annual pancake toss competition. The children competed...

Snow Moon

Whenever the clouds part to reveal clear skies we zip the telescope out and take a look at the night sky! Early evening is a fabulous time to see Venus! The boys loved to see the constellations of Orion’s Belt, Ursa...

Saturday School Science

Saturday School Science

Saturday school in the Science Department is always something a little different! It is a great opportunity to see Science in everyday life. This week the Year 6 boys made bath bombs, complete with colouring and perfume. The combination of...