Monthly Archives: April 2021

A Perfect Term

Prep School Hertfordshire

Smiley faces all round at our ‘A Perfect Term’ afternoon tea hosted by the Headmaster. Finger sandwich and cream fancy anyone? These sessions reward pupils for sustained academic attainment and behaviour throughout the whole of last term. Congratulations!  

Our New Head Boy

Head Boy at Lockers Park

Congratulations to Will, our Head Boy for the Summer Term.  Will took a quick break from the start of his mock exams today to sit for this sunny photo in the Headmaster’s Private Garden. This is just about everyone’s favourite...

The Summer Term Begins

Prep School Hertfordshire

So lovely to walk around Lockers Park this morning and see these beaming faces and a beautiful sunny day as well. Welcome back everyone for the start of an action-packed Summer Term!  

Science Week at Lockers Park

Prep School Hertfordshire

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Science Week at Lockers Park. With the theme ‘Innovating for the Future’, pupils immersed themselves in a series of exciting activities last half term. From making their own probiotics using antioxidant-rich foods and...