“There is an obvious happiness, openness, enthusiasm and zest for life that all the pupils share at Lockers Park. The breadth of subjects and activities that are available for the boys to take part in are second to none. My sons love being busy and Lockers certainly does that!”

“I am acutely aware how important the people around us are for our personal development. It is five months since my son joined Lockers Park, I know with certainty that we could not have chosen a better place, and he could not be in a better environment. And for that I am happy and very grateful.”

“It’s a school where boys can be boys and each individual is able to thrive. We love how pupils don’t look like mini business men all day. The fact there is some sense of individual expression through shirt choice is very important and sets Lockers apart.”

“We are so happy with Lockers Park. All the teaching staff are supportive and approachable. They think of our children as their children and that is really satisfying as a parent. The teachers give up their own time to support the children and the school… they deserve medals! It is so reassuring as a parent to know that the school is always happy to help.”

“Our three boys have really thrived here; progressed both in the classroom and on the playing field and couldn’t be happier.”

“Fabulous school – the Lockers Park experience has transformed my boy into a confident and happy young man.”

“Such a happy school from both parent and staff sides. The feel of the school, the atmosphere, the friendliness, make it a unique place. We find the staff/parent interface is really very open and good.”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful school. It truly is a magical place!”

“The school has an incredibly supportive attitude. It nurtures and encourages the individual character and develops strength of character too – confidence not arrogance.”

“Due to work commitments it was necessary to try flexi-boarding and our son absolutely loved it. He then joined Cubs and boarded every Thursday night. He began asking to board on activity nights too. If he could he would board every night.”

“As a working mum with three boys, the flexibility in pick up/drop off and the provision for evening meals and boarding are essential school features.”