“Lockers Park prepares boys for success in the modern world.” Tatler Schools Guide

“It’s easy to see why this boys’ school is referred to as the ‘hidden gem’ of Hertfordshire.” Muddy Stilettos

“Pupils aspire to high achievement as a result of a culture where success is respected and celebrated.” Independent Schools Inspectorate Inspection.


The following quotes are from parents of Lockers Park pupils:

“We have been so impressed with Lockers Park, it is a truly amazing school. All the boys are happy, content and encouraged to be the best version on themselves”

“My sons do–and will always–hold Lockers Park close to their hearts. As parents, we feel, we have made the greatest decision of our lives sending our children there.”

“The school brings out the best in each child, respecting their individuality. Children come first at Lockers Park.”

“Lockers Park teaches boys to grow in independence and to be proud of what they achieve.”

“The school has a lovely family feel – a real sense of community.”

My husband and I work long hours with no family nearby. To be able to bring our son to school for breakfast at 7.30am and to be able to collect him at 7.30pm after supper is invaluable to us.

“We love the amount of outdoor play time and the freedom the children have to explore the grounds.”

“There is a great balance between the academic side and extra-curricular activities. We have found the music and language teaching to be excellent.”

“The school gives a well-rounded education that allows time for extra-curricular pursuits – both formal (music, art, drama, sport) and informal (time in the shrubs!).”

“The wraparound care provision is fantastic. We both commute to London and it relieves any unwanted stress. It really has made a huge difference.”

“The school has a nurturing, supportive approach that gives children the ability to flourish.”

“Lockers Park understands boys and how to raise well-rounded, happy individuals.”

“Our boys really enjoy the boarding experience and the chance to mix with boys outside of class.”