Entry Procedure to Lockers Park Prep School

Visit our admissions page to watch four short films to give a you a taste of life at Lockers Park and to arrange a video call our Headmaster, Chris Wilson.


Most boys enter the school at 4 or 5+ starting in the September term but we are happy to receive boys at 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11+ subject to availability, and find that they settle in quickly and easily. Entry in January and April is also possible.

There is no entry exam, but we require all boys to have an informal interview and simple academic assessment. This is not competitive but ensures that the boy will cope with all that the school has to offer.  Boys who start in the Pre-Prep will be assessed prior to starting in Year 3 to ensure that Lockers Park is the best school for them.

For the more academic, there is a Scholarship Day (during early February). Scholarships will generally be for 10% remission of school fees. Apart from academic awards, we also give awards to boys with musical, artistic or sporting ability, or to the good all-rounder. This is competitive and we send details to any parents whose son is registered for that year. Means-tested bursaries up to 100% may also be available. See Scholarships & Bursaries for more information.

The Procedure for Entry:

  1. After you receive the prospectus, please ring the School to arrange an appointment to meet the Headmaster and to be shown around. It is ideal if both parents visit but there is no need for your son to do so at this stage, although he is very welcome. This can either be a personal appointment or on one of our Open Mornings which are held on Saturday mornings in early October, March and May each year.

  2. If we are able to offer a place, complete the Registration Form and send it with the non-returnable £100 Registration Fee.  We will confirm the Registration in writing which means that subject to the result of the informal test, your son has a guaranteed place at Lockers Park. The Registration Form can be downloaded below.

  3. In the year prior to entry we will contact you to arrange for your son to come to the school for the informal test.  He will be taken around the School by a boy who has recently joined.  He will also have the opportunity to spend a day or half day in school if you wish.

  4. We will notify you in writing of the result immediately afterwards. Provided that a place and time of entry is confirmed, we ask you to complete an Acceptance Form (having noted the accompanying Terms & Conditions) and return it together with a deposit of £500 (which will be repaid to you after completion of your son’s final term at Lockers Park). You will then become liable for the first term’s fees.

  5. The first term’s fees are required to be paid one month in advance of the start of term. We reserve the right to re-allocate the place if the fees are not received by that date.

  6. Boys joining Lockers Park from overseas pay their final term’s fee at the start of their first term. This is held on deposit and refunded for the final term.

  7. Subsequent fees are payable on or before the first day of each term as set out in the Terms & Conditions.