We invite you to enquire about a personal tour, and to book a video meeting with our Headmaster, to discuss your son’s education.

You can also book your place at our Open Morning on Saturday 16 October 2021.

At Lockers Park, we recognise that parents lead busy working and family lives and strive to accommodate this. We are proud of our unique position on wraparound care, which we believe offers the best value and the most support to families in the area. As such, our fee structure is designed to offer parents complete flexibility, with no hidden costs.

Fees include the following wraparound care (all at no additional cost):

  • Prep School: 7.30am – 6.40pm. This includes supper, prep at school and early evening activities.
  • Pre-Prep: 7.30am – 6.00pm (collection can be any time between 3.45 and 6.00pm). This includes supper and a wide-ranging after school activities programme.

Our fees also include attendance at our optional Saturday School programme.

Year Group Tuition Fees per Term (All day fees include wraparound care)
Reception £3,725
Years 1 & 2 £3,925
Year 3 Day Boys £4,685
Year 4 Day Boys £5,095
Senior Day Boys £5,910
Boarders £8,520



Number of nights Cost per Term
1 night £460
2 nights £840
3 nights £1,220
4 nights £1,600
5 nights £1,980
Additional Nights £46 per night

Registration Fee

The non-refundable Registration Fee is £100.

Acceptance Deposit

The Acceptance Deposit is £1,000 for UK pupils and £1,500 for non-UK pupils. It is repaid after the child’s final term at Lockers Park, minus any outstanding amounts owed to the School.


From 2021, means-tested siblings discounts will be considered.

Visa Support

There is a £1,000 per term supplement for international pupils requiring a Child Student Visa. This reflects the School’s input in processing the visa application, ongoing updates, and the cost of the School’s HMRC Child Student Visa Sponsor License.


These are kept to an absolute minimum and consist mainly of individual tuition for Music, Drama or Specialist help and extra curriculum activities.

Extra help

If a child requires specialist help (e.g. for learning support or EAL), parents will be asked to pay the visiting hourly rate. The timing of lessons will vary so that children do not miss the same lesson (or sport) every week.  The average number of sessions per child, per year is 30 and the cost per half hour session is £28.

If parents and the school feel that external provision is needed to confirm a diagnosis of difficulties, we have an approved educational psychologist, with teaching experience, who visits for in-school assessments.


Most boys choose to have individual tuition in at least one instrument or singing. Music practice is timetabled for boarders. Individual tuition costs £260 per term for one instrument. There are discounts for the study of two or more instruments.

In addition, try-out lessons are available free of charge, to establish a suitable instrument for each child. The school is fortunate in owning a large collection of instruments for hire.


Group LAMDA drama lessons are available and cost £136 per term.


The cost of the service is £3.60 per single journey and we offer a 25% discount for additional siblings.  The estimated cost for a pupil using the service every school day is: Monday – Friday, one way £560 per annum; return journey, £1,120 per annum.