Lockers Park offers Scholarships for boys with academic, musical, sporting, or all-round ability.

In addition to our normal entry procedure, we have a more competitive day when scholarships and bursaries are awarded by the Governors of Lockers Park for boys with particular academic, musical, sporting, artistic or all round ability.

The next Scholarship Day will be on Saturday 1st February 2020 when we will be offering a number of scholarships and bursaries for boys who will be over 7 and under 12 on 1st September 2020.

The academic examination will consist of an intelligence test and papers in English and Mathematics which are designed to assess academic potential rather than attainment. This is an opportunity for boys of well above average intelligence to excel and hence gain a reduction in the fees. Boys offering music, art or sport will be required to take the same tests, but greater attention will be paid to their particular skills and they are asked to bring any relevant instruments or equipment. All round talent will be taken into account, including areas not specified, e.g. design or computing. Samples of such work are invited for consideration.


The Governors are committed to broadening access to the School by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support with the payment of school fees. These may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate or other pertinent circumstances of applicants.

Please contact us for further details and an application form.