We are a small and family orientated school and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships between boarders and staff; we can honestly say we know every boy inside out.

A boy’s boarding journey at Lockers Park is designed to prepare him to be an independent and honourable member of an active community. As well as offering full-time academic support, boarding at Lockers Park is perfect preparation for senior boarding schools. Equally, for those boys moving onto senior day schools, we believe Lockers Park offers a unique opportunity to benefit and learn from this special experience.

“Our son was made to feel very welcome and has thrived, progressing both in the classroom and on the playing field. He couldn’t be happier.”  Parent Testimonial

Why Boarding?

Modern boarding is far removed from the traditional stereotype. Ask a boarder at Lockers Park and they will confirm that it is a hugely enjoyable experience. We create an atmosphere where boys can be themselves and enjoy the many benefits that boarding allows.  We strongly believe that learning to live and work together is one of the most important life skills we can teach.

One of the key benefits of boarding is that children are able to make good and focussed use of their after-school time. Boarders complete their academic work and music practice in quiet and supervised settings, and then have time to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Being together allows the children to develop strong relationships with friends and relax in a homely setting. We have a dedicated team of staff with endless good humour and energy, providing a family environment where everyone counts. Added to this, theme nights and weekend trips ensure boarding life at Lockers Park is never dull.

For busy families, there can be practical benefits to boarding. Boarding arrangements at Lockers Park are flexible and can be a helpful part of planning a family diary. As well as full and weekly boarding, some boys choose to board a few nights a week to benefit from the social experience and the range of activities on offer. See Full & Flexi Boarding [insert link]

“Boarders at the school are happy and confident individuals. The school provides good care for its boarding pupils and nurtures their personal development well.”  Ofsted Boarding Inspection (March 2011)

For more information about Boarding, please download the Lockers Park Boarding School Life Booklet at the foot of this page.