Exeats Explained

From September 2019, Exeats at Lockers Park will run from Friday lunchtime through to Sunday evening.

Apart from half-term, which includes either one or two weekends, Exeats happen approximately every three weeks when everyone, both staff and children, enjoy a weekend break. We believe this gives everyone the chance to rest and re-balance.

In addition, there is a choice of free weekends out. Boys may leave at 1.00 pm on Saturday, returning on Sunday by 7.00 pm unless there is a Chapel Service, when the return is at 6.15 pm. For practical reasons, this does not include the first and the last weekends of term when boarders are expected to remain in school.

Boys may take up to two of these extra weekends in the spring and summer terms, and three in the autumn term. We find some boarders take full advantage of these weekends, whilst others choose to stay in and not take any at all. We allow very young boarders, or those in their first year of boarding, to take some weekends out in addition to these.