Boarding: The Choice is Yours

The flexibility we offer at Lockers Park when it comes to boarding is indispensable for many of our parents; about half of our boys board and many day boys also stay for activities and prep in the late afternoons and evenings. Tatler’s Schools Guide concurs: “Day boys and boarders mix very well.”

Boarding options include full boarding, weekly boarding, or flexi- boarding. Lockers Park also offers free trial boarding to boys who want to find out what all the excitement is about.

Starting with just one or two nights and gradually building up to weekly or full boarding provides boys with valuable boarding experience in familiar and friendly surroundings.  This can be enormously helpful to boys who are likely to progress onto senior boarding schools.

Please contact if your son would like to try boarding for a night.


“Enthusiasm for boarding life is strong and pupils’ enjoyment of the opportunities on offer to them in the boarding house is clear.”  The Independent Schools Inspectorate

“Due to work commitments it was necessary to try flexi- boarding and our son  absolutely loved it. He then joined Cubs and boarded every Thursday night. He began asking to board on activity nights too. If he could, he would board every night.”  Parent Testimonial