International Diversity

Our international and overseas pupils live alongside our British students, sharing all aspects of school life. When a new pupil arrives at Lockers Park, they are warmly welcomed into the Lockers Park community and gradually introduced to the school routine.

We understand the complexities of living and learning in a completely different country – a significant percentage of our full boarders are from overseas – and we work hard to support these children. Indeed, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (November 2011) reported that…

“Pupils from other countries are easily assimilated in the school community.”

We sensitively co-ordinate each boarder’s individual academic and extra-curricular programmes to ensure they settle in while offering one-to-one English language tuition to accelerate proficiency and fluency.

“The school demonstrates a commitment in practice to providing equal opportunities to all boarders.  The school positively promotes the integration of all boarders.  Staff are aware of the cultural diversities of its boarders and the difficulties faced by overseas boarders attending an English school for the first time.”   Ofsted Boarding Inspection Report (March 2011)

Overseas Boarders’ Support

Our excellent pastoral care record means that all our overseas boarders are part of a secure family structure, ensuring they always feel welcome and well cared for. We understand the complexities of educating children such a long way from home and try to be as flexible as possible, offering support to boys to help them through this. There is always someone to lend a friendly, listening ear, whether the Housemaster, teacher or group tutor. Boys can contact their families at mutually convenient times via telephone, Skype or email (naturally, time zone differences are considered).

Boys living overseas must have an appointed guardian in this country.  This is the parent’s responsibility to arrange, but we can help with the names of reputable Guardianship Agencies.