Our aim is to deliver a curriculum that combines breadth and variety with no compromise to academic rigour. Our teachers are passionate advocates of their subjects and our key principle is to develop in pupils an ingrained enthusiasm to learn, enquire and think independently.

Although we follow the CE syllabus, teachers are encouraged to broaden their horizons and go beyond what the final exam may require. Pupils will experience a wide range of teaching styles and will always be challenged and stimulated. Lessons will frequently involve collaboration, pair work and discovery. Encouraging thinking skills and learning how to learn are also part of the Lockers experience; boys receive weekly lessons in Critical Thinking and have numerous opportunities within the school to put these into practice.

Art, Music, Sport and Drama are cherished at Lockers Park and seen as an integral part of the curriculum; all pupils are encouraged to find their talents and take the numerous opportunities available to make the most of them

From Year 6, boys are prepared thoroughly for Senior School entrance. Our relatively small size allows us to tailor our program to a pupil’s need to ensure they are familiar with the relevant entrance tests and interview requirements.

“Pupils display good knowledge, skills and understanding in many subjects across the curriculum, ranging from science and linguistic to artistic and physical activities.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017

Monitoring Pupil Progress

Staff have regular pupil progress meetings to help track a boy’s progress and academic targets are set accordingly. For Years 7 & 8 there are regular setting meetings involving subject teachers ensuring that boys are achieving their potential. At Lockers Park we award the boys an effort grade in each subject and feed this back to parents four times a term. In addition to this, parents receive regular subject reports and are invited to parents’ evenings. We believe our relatively small size enables us to really monitor how the boys are getting on.

The Next Step

Each year our leavers flourish and pass on to their chosen senior schools, from the country’s best public schools to top independent day schools and prestigious grammar schools. A proportion of Lockers boys are entered for and awarded scholarships to their next school.