The Lockers Park curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. Whilst the National Curriculum is a useful starting point, departments will adapt and enhance their programmes of study to ensure that every pupil is motivated, inspired and challenged. We have small classes (the average size is 12 boys) and staff with a wide range of experience and specialist knowledge allowing the boys every opportunity to make progress.

“Pupils display good knowledge, skills and understanding in many subjects across the curriculum, ranging from science and linguistic to artistic and physical activities.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017

The Junior Department (Years 3 – 6)

In Years 3 to 4, boys are taught by their class teacher, supported by some specialist teachers and a teaching assistant. Years 5 and 6 are taught by specialist teachers only. Exams start in Year 6 at an age when we feel that the boys are mature enough and are ready to both prepare for and undertake a more formal style of assessment. All boys use the modern specialist facilities that we provide, including our excellent Science and Technology block and new Music Studio.

“Pupils gain confidence when taking part in poetry competitions, public speaking and reading in chapel.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017

The Senior School (Years 7 & 8)

In Years 7 & 8 the focus moves to preparing boys for scholarship, Common Entrance and entry exams to their chosen senior schools. Boys are put into sets for different subjects and we have great flexibility within this. As such, a boy who has a strength in a particular area of the curriculum can be placed within a class of a similar ability to himself. Dedicated educational support provided by specialist staff is available as required. Extra scholarship and revision sessions are laid on for those boys that require it.

Monitoring Pupil Progress

Staff have regular pupil progress meetings to help track a boy’s progress and academic targets are set accordingly. For Year’s 7 & 8 there are regular setting meetings involving subject teachers ensuring that boys are achieving their potential. At Lockers Park we award the boys an effort grade in each subject and feed this back to parents four times a term. In addition to this, parents receive regular subject reports and are invited to parents’ evenings. We believe our relatively small size enables us to really monitor how the boys are getting on.

The Next Step

Each year our leavers flourish and pass on to their chosen senior schools, from the country’s best public schools to top independent day schools and prestigious grammar schools. A proportion of Lockers boys are entered for and awarded scholarships to their next school.