At Lockers Park, Latin is started in Year 6 and most boys continue to study it in Years 7 and 8.  All of these then take the Common Entrance paper (or Scholarship paper) at the end of Year 8.  We offer a traditional, grammar based course which provides an excellent foundation for further ancient (or modern) language options at secondary level.  Classical civilisation and mythology are covered within this programme, enabling boys to learn and think about some of the greatest lives ever lived or stories ever told.

Most boys take Level 1 or 2 at Common Entrance with the more able offering Level 3.  Boys of Scholarship ability take either the paper set by their particular Public school or the Common Academic Scholarship exam.  This puts them well within reach of GCSE and certainly some Secondary schools like their candidates to take Latin after two years rather than three.  We aim to provide everyone with an enjoyable, but rigorous, preparation for further success in this subject.


Some boys also have the opportunity to study Greek, either to the level required for the new Common Entrance paper or for scholarship.  We also offer Greek to all boys in Year 8 who complete their public school entrance exams prior to Common Entrance in June.  They are given the chance to take the Greek Common Entrance paper, which can then be sent on to their next school for setting purposes.