Boys study elements of physical, human and environmental Geography. In their first few years at Lockers Park we aim to imbue the boys with an enthusiasm for finding out about the world around them and asking Geographical questions. We also give them a good base of locational knowledge which will help them when they eventually move on to the Common Entrance syllabus. Much of this is delivered through topic work in Pre-Prep, after which they start they start specific Geography lessons in Year 3.

There is a strong emphasis on fieldwork and boys have the opportunity to get out of the classroom to do this in most year groups. In addition to the grounds and local areas being used extensively for study, we also run a bi-annual trip to Iceland in conjunction with the Science department enabling us to really bring the subject to life.

From Year 6 we start investigating the main Common Entrance themes. All boys are encouraged to improve their awareness in current affairs and make links between the “real” world and what they are studying in class. Scholars are encouraged to build up a large base of Geographical case studies and all pupils are encouraged to develop their thinking and questioning skills which underpins much of the teaching at Lockers Park.

ICT is used extensively, whether it be in the classroom simulating an earthquake response or in the ICT suite where the boys frequently write up the results of their investigations. The aim is for all boys to leave Lockers Park with a love of the subject and a strong base of knowledge, skills and understanding to draw on.