The History Department aims to teach the children as broad a knowledge of primarily British History as is possible during their stay at Lockers Park but also to develop a love for the subject. This is achieved not only by covering the required material and in acquiring the necessary skills in order to achieve good grades at the Independent Senior School Scholarship and Common Entrance exams but also to develop the knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject to last them well into adulthood.

The Curriculum

At many independent senior schools, the emphasis, particularly at GCSE level lies on the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and thus the time a child spends at prep school is often the only opportunity he has to study the earlier years of British history. With this in mind, at Lockers Park, most boys start in the Junior Department studying Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings before progressing chronologically through to the Norman and Medieval periods and then, depending on the final exam requirements, up to the end of the Tudors by the close of their careers here.

Those taking Senior School Scholarship are extended further by studying elements of the British constitution, the development of parliament and our democracy and other more general topics associated with British and world history. By the time the boys leave the school, they should have a healthy appreciation not only of our country’s early history and constitutional developments but also elements of its culture, traditions and institutions.

The Ultimate Aim

The primary aim remains that the boys enjoy the subject and this in itself should engender the enthusiasm not only to pass the required exams to the best achievable levels but also to develop a lifetime interest in the subject.