Lockers Park has modern and well maintained computing facilities, including a spacious computer suite, interactive whiteboards and digital signage. Technology is accessed and used widely throughout the Prep School for teaching, learning, communication, administration and marketing.

Inspiring Teaching and Learning

Computing lessons at Lockers Park are fun, purposeful and relevant. Pupils are taught how to be ‘responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.’  The exciting Schemes of Work have been developed in line with the new National Curriculum for Computing. They cover Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy and they are themed to suit a Boys’ School environment. All pupils are supported in their development and they are challenged to extend their own ideas and projects.

Lockers Park Computing topics include: understanding computers; email (Microsoft Outlook); internet research and safety; coding (Beebot, MSW Logo, Scratch, HTML, CSS, Python); touch typing (Typing Agent); website design (Weebly), presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoon); image creation and manipulation (Photoshop, Revelation); word processing (Word); databases (Excel, Junior Viewpoint) and design (Illustrator).

Apart from having dedicated Computing lessons each week, pupils at Lockers Park regularly apply their computing skills and use computational thinking in other subjects across the Prep School Curriculum as well as during their free time.

Enthusiastic programmers in Year 7 and Year 8 are given the opportunity to further their expertise at a weekly Computer Club.

A network technician is employed to work alongside the Head of Computing and key members of staff. All parties work to ensure that computing facilities are current, secure and efficient. Internet access is filtered and monitored and everybody signs an ‘Acceptable Use Policy for Computing’.  Computing staff are active in their professional development and part of online educational communities such as Naace, IAPS, CAS, Scratch and TES.

Parent Portal and Communications

Parents are contacted regularly via email and SMS text. Individual reports, rewards, sanctions and effort grades are accessed via the informative Lockers Park Parent Portal.


Available school policies related to Computing include the Lockers Park Computing Policy, Internet Acceptable Use, ESafety & Cyberbullying. All of these are updated regularly