At Lockers Park, we aim to engage all pupils in an appreciation of Maths. There is a strong emphasis on building firm foundations of understanding number and calculations, but also developing problem solving skills and a knowledge of shape and space. We want to encourage pupils to take risks and have a go, but also not to be put off if they make a mistake. Pupils are encouraged to explain their thinking, but also to ask questions.

We use a variety of teaching styles and resources including, but not exclusively, those produced by Abacus, Galore Park and Essential Maths.

Each class has the opportunity to use ICT for at least one 35 minute lesson a week. There is a range of software in use to enhance the teaching and learning of Maths, including subscriptions to MyMaths, Times Tables Rock Stars and Planet Bofa for boys preparing for 11+ or similar examinations, all of which can be accessed from home.

In October, we have a Maths Week in school during which there is increased focus on what Maths is and how we use it. Pupils (and their parents!) are set challenging problems to solve as well as regularly demonstrating their numerical skills in lessons. We regularly take part and enjoy success in national competitions run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, in which young mathematicians have their problem solving skills tested under pressure.