French at Lockers Park starts at the earliest possible age and is taught through a wide range of activities, games and songs.  Grammar is at the cornerstone of language learning and boys are shown how to extrapolate structure and meaning in a lively manner that passes ownership on to them.  Being a boys’ school, the pupils particularly love vibrant lessons full of competition and excitement and they leave with the confidence to take French on to the next level at independent schools around the country.

Vocabulary is taught using multi-sensory techniques such as dice, cards and working with a partner.  Drama too plays its part, with boys encouraged to act out weather, activities, chores, etc. in small groups for the others to guess in the target language.  Rap chants assist the learning of role plays and boys love video recording their work and watching themselves on the much-used interactive whiteboard.  Pair work is in frequent use as boys learn by helping other.  There is never a dull moment!

In Year 8, the focus moves towards their final exams and the department prides itself on the boys’ consistently high grades.