Boys have lessons in Religious Education throughout their years at Lockers Park.  For younger boys, we provide a course which explores the great stories to be found in the Old and New Testaments, and introduces them to all the major world religions.  Visits are made to Christian, Hindu, Islamic and Jewish places of worship as part of their syllabus.  In Years 7 and 8, the course turns towards the new Common Entrance and Scholarship syllabus.  For this, Christianity is explored in detail alongside key Biblical texts.  Lessons inform but do not indoctrinate.  The stories inevitably become the focus of objective, academic study, and factual knowledge is monitored and eventually assessed under exam conditions.

However, access to what these stories have to teach the modern world should be enhanced rather than diminished by this process.  We firmly believe their significance, and moral value is for the whole of life. In addition, we also believe that such a broad awareness and understanding of the main biblical stories is an important part of the understanding of European culture in particular whether it is to do with the arts or in the conduct of relationships abroad both in the business world and in a social context. Boys preparing for Scholarship exams are extended further and are increasingly expected to explore ethical and philosophical issues on which they might be expected to write at greater length.

We are also extremely lucky at Lockers Park to have a dedicated Chapel where we meet as a school four times a week to begin our day.  All boys participate in the short service through a reading, prayers and a hymn.  Readings are non-denominational and try to provide a broad but sound moral framework for everyone to share.