Science Aim

Science at Lockers Park is primarily aimed at fostering enthusiasm and informed interest in all aspects of the subject. Pupils are encouraged to develop a logical approach to any problem and be able to communicate their findings clearly and concisely. We actively promote independent learning, a vital skill for their future education.


All pupils in Years 3-8 have their Science lessons in the purpose built Science laboratories. Science is taught as the three separate subjects – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Practical work takes centre stage and we aim to stimulate and inspire young minds.  Note-taking is kept to a minimum to allow more time for hands-on experiments and animated discussion of results.  Full use is made of the school grounds to enhance topics in all three subjects; lessons are individually tailored to pupils and use a variety of teaching methods. We organise a wide range of trips ie; to Observatories, Science Museum and Nature Reserves, as well as inviting enthusiastic and informative speakers to the School. We collaborate with the Geography Department in a field study in Iceland every two years which proves very popular. We have a variety of creatures which the students are encouraged to look after and study such as a corn snake, stick insects etc.

Moving On

As well as preparing pupils for Common Entrance exams and scholarships we feel that, by the time they leave the School, pupils should be equipped with the strong foundation of knowledge and skills they need to make sense of the natural and technological world. This should enable them to make informed choices about aspects of health, safe behaviour and protecting the environment – choices which may influence their entire lives. We regularly discuss current affairs which are Science related, such as single use plastics, global warming, genetic engineering and general medical breakthroughs., We wish to inspire a lifelong interest in Science and ensure that, as they move on from Prep School, they will take with them a real interest in the subject together with a proper awareness of the world around them.