Sporting Pathway

Reception and Year 1

Weekly PE lessons building the essential skills that will be used in all sports. A focus on physical literacy – motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

Weekly swimming lessons at Everyone Active – Hemel Hempstead.

Year 2

Introduction of our major sports through weekly games sessions and continued focus of skill development throughout PE.

Skiing introduced on a Wednesday evening for Year 2-8.

Weekly swimming lessons at Everyone Active – Hemel Hempstead.

Year 3-4

Daily games sessions working on an understanding of the different sports played and the importance of team work in fixtures and festivals against other schools. The boys play matches weekly against other schools on a Thursday afternoon and have internal competitions through the set system.

Weekly swimming lessons at Everyone Active – Hemel Hempstead. Selection for the school swimming team that competes in Galas throughout the year but focusing on the summer when we use our outdoor swimming facility.

Year 5-6

Building upon the foundations of year 3 and 4 and continuing the good work in a increasingly competitive environment. Beginning to enter National and County competitions in the major sports.

Introduction of Shooting, Golf, Squash and Badminton into the games program and starting to have fixtures in these sports against other schools.

Selection for the school ski team in National Indoor Competitions.

Year 7-8

Allowing individuals to focus on major sports and supporting skill development for future scholarships whilst maintaining a sport for all philosophy and giving everybody the opportunity for selection. Helping boys develop lifelong good practice to follow on fitness, diet and wellbeing.

Introduce competitive basketball and play local schools.