At Lockers Park, Art is a highly valued element of the curriculum.  The children participate in practical lessons and find out about not only the great artists of the past but the relative merits more recent artists such as Banksy and Damien Hirst.

In addition to traditional drawing and painting, the boys learn to express themselves using a variety of media including sculpting in clay and plaster; printing using screens and lino; junk modelling; collage; photomontage; and the use of electronic devices such as iPads.

The boys compete eagerly in the annual Christmas card competition with the winning design used as the School’s Christmas card. We regularly enter the boys’ work into prestigious Art competitions in other schools and the local borough, Dacorum, and their work features in the National SATIPS Exhibition.   As well as external events, we hold an annual Art and DT Exhibition showcasing the work of all the pupils from Reception through to Year 8, which is very much enjoyed by parents, children and staff alike.

Art Extension classes are offered to both the talented artists and those who are simply enthusiastic about Art, with some boys going on to attempt (and succeed at) Art Scholarships to their senior schools.