The school day officially starts at 8.20am with tutor time followed by Chapel, but all boys in the Prep School are welcome to arrive as early as 7.30am and join the boarders for breakfast (at no extra cost).

Lessons run through the morning, with a mid-morning break giving the boys a chance to let off steam in our beautiful 23-acre setting.

A healthy and nutritious lunch cooked by our School Chef is eaten in three sittings in our traditional wood-panelled Dining Room.

After lunch, pupils can expect a mixture of lessons and sport until prep and supper (if taken). Evening goings-on for those staying until 7.30pm include games and activities, Cubs & Scouts, Ski Club, visiting lecturers, themed events and, once a year, the legendary and mysterious Dark Tower game.

“Pupils are socially aware and enjoy helping each other. They readily undertake responsibility, and this enables the trust between them to increase. This is a significant strength of the school, which has a caring ethos as can be seen in the highly positive relationships.” The Independent Schools Inspectorate – 2017

Sport Every Day

Afternoon sport is an integral part of life at Lockers Park, working hand-in-hand with the school’s overall kinaesthetic approach to ensure our pupils are highly engaged and achieve the best academic results. The school’s supportive and motivational environment ensures boys can achieve their potential, whatever their specialism.

Our team games include rugby, football and cricket, plus we offer individual sports such as tennis, squash, athletics, swimming and skiing. The standard of sports performance is high and we are proud of our excellent record against other, often larger, schools. Matches between schools are typically played on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. At Lockers Park we ensure every boy represents the school in a team each term. Our team of enthusiastic and skilled tutors and coaches work to ensure that every boy feels confident and ready to participate.

Saturday Morning School

We believe there are considerable advantages to upholding this prep school tradition for those pupils in Year 3 and above. Lockers Park’s Saturday morning school is thriving; a less compressed teaching timetable allows us to introduce a greater breadth of ideas and experiences (at no extra cost to parents) and the week feels less intensive overall. We believe the boys achieve much more under this system and we aim to be as flexible as possible with any special weekend requests.

Every third week the school observes the long-standing tradition of an Exeat, a day off to give pupils time to rest and rebalance.

For our Year 1 and Year 2 Pre-Prep children, there are optional activity mornings every Saturday where they can enjoy structured learning and play supervised by our dedicated teaching team.