At Lockers Park School, we want all our boys to feel that they are a valued part of our school community. Through appropriate curricular provision, we respect the fact that they have different educational and behavioural needs and aspirations and, therefore, require different strategies for learning. The Learning Enrichment department provides a range of different teaching approaches and experiences (differentiation).

Our aim is to create an environment that meets the learning enrichment needs of each child. This ensures that we are able to identify, assess and provide for the learning enrichment needs of our boys. Boys have full access to all elements of the curriculum and parents, other teachers and the boys themselves are fully involved in the whole process.

When the boys join us they will have been in early education and, in most cases, their education needs will have already been assessed. All the boys are also assessed when they enter our school, so that we can build upon their prior learning. We use this information to provide starting points and further building blocks for the development of an appropriate curriculum for all our children.

If our assessments show that a child may have a Learning Difficulty or Disability, we use a range of strategies that make full use of all available classroom and school resources, underpinned by our dedicated Learning Enrichment Area, which sits in the centre of the School.

To help parents, we have compiled a list of external professionals who can help provide support. To access this list download the Professional Support document below.

 Parent Testimonials

Our son has gradually progressed from being a frustrated under-achiever to being a confident young man, always putting his hand up in class, being in the top set for most subjects and passing the entrance exam for an excellent public school.

Our son has had support from Mrs Penny since he started at Lockers Park. It has made a huge difference to him with significant improvements in his English, particularly his reading and writing.  She has also helped with his confidence and self-belief. Finally and most importantly he really enjoys his classes with Mrs Penny and we get great support and feedback.