Free Wraparound Care

Unique provision included in termly fees – worth up to £1,300 per term

When you join Lockers Park, you join a community. One of the features we are proud of is our unique approach to wraparound care, which is rooted in our boarding school history and ethos. This offers a real sense of belonging and security to pupils and parents alike.

We have long believed that the most helpful way to support families is by structuring our school fees to offer the very best value. So, rather than charge a core fee and then bill for extras, we prefer to set our fees at a competitive rate and be able to include a full school day within that package.

That’s all-day wraparound care for each and every pupil, included within the termly Fees. There are no hidden extra costs. There is no need to pre-book. We even provide a cooked breakfast and supper. We offer a wide range of after school activities. For Prep School pupils this includes the opportunity to complete their prep and let off steam in the school grounds with friends.* For Pre-Prep children, this includes small world (imaginative) play, board games and art & crafts.

  • Pre-Prep pupils (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) can be dropped off as early as 7.30am for breakfast and collected anytime until 6.00pm, after supper.
  • Prep School pupils (Year 3 through to Year 8) can be dropped as early as 7.30am for breakfast and collected anytime until 7.30pm, after supper.

We do not require notice for breakfasts and supper, asking only that families let us know pick up time on the day.

Many families choose a weekly routine to benefit from the full wraparound care – for instance, a day or two a week – and then find themselves using it periodically throughout the year when parents may be travelling, attending other children’s activities, additional work commitments and so on.

We believe our unique approach has many benefits. We find it creates a real sense of community as the school is always bustling and lively, while supervised prep helps the older boys prepare for senior school and develop independent learning skills. We also note that friendships and social skills are enhanced in the hours outside of the curriculum. Above all, the offering provides flexible and stress-free support to our families.

“Lockers Park’s wraparound care provision is a key strength that differentiates it from other fee-paying schools in the area. It is perfect for our family.” 

Parent Testimonial

*Evening activities that involve attending optional external activities such as skiing or climbing may incur a small charge.